Message from campus chief

Education is the backbone of country. It is said that horse is born but man is formed. So merely being as human is not considered human until he/she brings out all the internal potentialities and that is possible only by education. Realizing this fact our campus has been entering to provide quality education from its establishment. So to make capable our manpower to compete in global market, we are now working every effort by every possible means to provide quality education. Our campus entered in to the QAA for that purpose and is about to fulfill the criteria laid down by QAA. I humbly request all my campus staffs, education concerned people of Sindhuli district and stakeholders to help our struggle to provide quality education.

SMC has its own glory and history regarding academic achievement. I do believe that this highly prestigious institution has been playing a vital role to produce skill manpower the domain of education, business and management for overall development of the nation.
I would like to welcome all of you to this beautiful and sacred shrine of Saraswati ,ie. SMC, where you will take out your potentialities and learn skill and knowledge to combat with problems in daily lives. May your dream come true after being part of SMC.